Sound Editor in Snap (Part 5)

You have to make a settings menu for that. maybe @helicoptur could make the button for you.

Il'd like to make it though.


maybe just have a variable with rgb values that Snap! can read, so it would be easier.

thats what i did, but with HSV instead because Snap! handles HSV and not RGB for pen.

link to what you are lookin' for

Oh. Maybe make @spacer a custom block he could use to make it easier?

I kinda need some help

Hey, guys! Maybe we could store previously edited songs in Cookies. Here is the project: Snap! 6.7.4 Build Your Own Blocks
(look in the others category) Edit: we need to convert the songs into numbers.

Don't use the clear browser data block under any circumstances!
I made a whole topic about this:
In fact, you don't even need to remove that key at all. The store key block will overwrite previous data.

Im just testing right now. what yourr seeing is temporary.

This is not quite true. YouTube, for example, lets you watch videos at double speed without altering the pitch. It's easier to do with analog circuitry than digitally, but I think if you can convert back and forth between time domain and frequency domain it can be done. (I didn't succeed in a few minutes of trying but I bet there are algorithm out in the wide World Wide Web.)

@helicoptur, i need help. im testing that cookies idea and its taking WAY to long to decode because of all the blank spots. and when i take out the part that deletes all those spaces, its an ugly alien sound.
EDIT: nevermind i fixed it.

Ok, guys. Saving songs using cookies work now.

just use the database library.

I made a system to save sound data in the browser using the database library, can be accessed using the upload or download buttons


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It does that sometimes. Reload and it should work.