Sound Editor in Snap (Part 1)

Ok, so the "Save Sound" Custom Block is still not working on the community site. i have uploading working perfectly though.!%20Audio%20Player

So, it's letting you upload files but not download them?
Aha, I've found the problem.
Your code:

var a = document.createElement("a");
a.href =; =;;

You're not supposed to prefix the entire code with that. You need to do this:

var a = top.window.document.createElement("a"); /* Top.window is put
                                                   before the reference
                                                   of the Document object,
                                                   which would otherwise
                                                   rely on the window in the
                                                   iframe. */
a.href =; =;;

how 2 upload?

I recommend looking here instead though of the iFrame though.

Click the green arrow to upload.

It does not work.

go to the link i last sent.

I imported a song manually:
Snap! Audio Player script pic-2
and saw that the little spikes and stuff do not actually mean anything, what are they even supposed to be @bh !

Go here:!%20Audio%20Player

They're the way audio is notated, the larger the "spikes" the louder it is at that moment.

I made a few changes to the project:!%20Audio%20Player&editMode

Neat! Ill use this.


I was talking to @helicoptur


I updated the original project, please use the updated version.

I know its in my project.

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