Sorry guys, I'm leaving snap 👋

You could a while back, like 4-6 months earlier.


Why can't you heart? It's a great feature and it helps for multiple reasons.

That means we're not going to delete posts because of one questionable word.


alr did, i got false banned for 1 year for ban evasion since my sister was on there as well


i have the perfect way to get bright colors and modern look:
1.go to the settings icon on the editor "flat design"
it makes everything in the project look more decent and modern
Untitled script pic (1)
it also saves in your next session, it still does flat design in the regular site (not editor)!

and this looks a little like 3.0 blocks

Tried that, looks the same. Only difference is light mode.

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why was this flagged? :confused:

so... you think more about colors than programming? The reason (I think) for no bright and friendly colors is to make it more pleasing to the eyes, and allow the user to think better.

its vice versa for me


Because it's off-topic.

that's why I absolutely hate light mode.

im just gonna leave, how do you delete accounts?

go to then I think the rest is self explanatory. I'm not sure if it'll delete your forum account.


plus you can choose and option to make the snap editor background colours white....

(btw love the pfp)

welp nvm they deleted the account already cause i looked up their username and there were no results soooo...

flat design, zoom blocks