Sonic & Knuckles remake

So I got motivated to make a Sonic game. After 2 hours of frustration and debugging, I managed to do it. If you want to play it click here

The forum is for sharing Snap! projects, not Scratch projects.


Still using Scratch in 2019? :joy: (unless you made that in S2 in which case that's valid)

what's so funy about it? millions of users are still online!

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Gosh, my first real moderation post.

Please, let's not make fun of other users. Think positive.

Also, we do not see ourselves as being rivals of Scratch. Their target audience and their purposes are different from ours. I suspect that we'll never have anything close to the Scratch user community, not only in size but in the many ways the Scratch Team encourages collaboration, including project suggestions, studios, and the forum.

We are better than Scratch as a medium for teaching and learning serious computer science starting at around age 12. Not that they can't be useful at all for that group, and not that we can't be useful for younger kids. But the two languages have different enough purposes that we aren't really competing with them.

Jens and I, and our other developers, are friends with the Scratch Team. And we'd like to keep it that way!

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True. Snap is very different.

It seems interesting! But I tried it out and Sonic wouldn't touch the ground. I tried pressing the buttons you told us to press bu they failed to work. Unless I'm supposed to wait a little longer. The intro was great though. :+1:

well yes, i wasn't good at making a platformer script back then, if you look at the newer projects on that account you will find a barely finished sonic 1 remake