Something like a source code editor

When I was goofing around in Snap! (not the website but an offline version), I tried to type "0" but accidently (did I spell wrong?) pressed "F12". Then a kind of a window thing popped up from the bottom of the browser. It looked like a source code navigator thing, I mean, with all the content in the "src" folder and if you tap a js file you can edit it. But it doesn't make changes to Snap! that's open in the browser. My questions are, 1) is that a source code navigator? 2)How do you save? Because I didn't see a save button in there. And I noticed that the handle bars in the palettes and the stage seemed to adjust to it too. So 3) is it built-in? Or is it just like that?

Sorry there's not a picture. I don't know how you take pictures on the screen. But thanks for helping!

Plus I'm Tofutush from Github. I downloaded it with my dad's computer (got a Chrome on that).

That is the browsers inspection page that can be openeded on any tab. Nothing to do with SNAP specifically.

That's the elements tab for websites, which is useful for developers. You can change images, text, and stuff you see on the screen.

Cool. Thank you!

well,not really images because there are none in snap editor