Something is very wrong with message boxes

when u type a title too long in a prompt box this happens
Screenshot 2021-03-22 5.17.52 PM
Screenshot 2021-03-22 5.21.41 PM

Nope. Very long strings work just fine in situations in which Snap! expects strings, even a case like this:

(when asking to rename a variable with a super-long name).

We are not required to, and couldn't, accommodate every screwy case someone can program in JavaScript. It's up to you to make sure your code interacts properly with Snap!.

By the way, "Something is very wrong" is a really unhelpful way to title a purported bug report. How about something like this:

"Message boxes created with very wide tiitles don't expand to fit them."

"Custom block that generates a message box with a very wide title doesn't work as expected."

"My JS code can't figure out how to make a message box wider than the default."

The goal is that we should understand the problem you're having just by reading the title of your thread.

@ashtyboi The problem is that the Snap! dialog boxes are built to be as big as the body text, not as big as the title. That's a problem with Snap! itself. The JS in the block just uses the built-in function to pop up a dialog box, and I (99%) know this because it has the same look and function as one of my blocks.
The reason you never see this in non-user-generated dialogs is because the titles are purposely short as to not run into errors.

Yes, it's a behavior built into Snap!. But I still say it doesn't count as a bug. We're not required to support user attempts to extend Snap!, just to support users using it as intended. If you want super-wide dialog boxes, you'll have to override some code in morphic.js.

where does this block @ashtyboi is using come from anyway? It's not part of Snap! Folks, you really are making me take out the JS function block altogether.