Some sort of RPG

I kind of want to start using Snap more, since all I've done recently is just post on the forums (very rarely).

So, anyone want to collaborate to make a game?

I guess it's an RPG.

Try an RPG with OOP in Snap!

what does that mean

OOP is this

maybe this or this? i'm not sure what RPG is.

RPG stands for Role Playing Games

I love RPG games! I can help with the backgrounds

@coder2195snap why the offtopic posts?

The RPG game so far:

Some more detailed ground would probably be a lot better than the green square I drew.

Describe the ground so I can make it for you

light green grass, like the boring grass you would see in an overly neat neighbor's lawn

Hmmm are you planning for it to have parralax scrolling or no
If so I need to configure it for you

5 character minimum

Ok then

what should the story of the rpg be

defeat an army of ghosts because the player has magic powers


Alonzo uses lambdas and high order functions to kill bugs


what will the bugs look like? a glitched out Alonzo?



All of this is off-topic and doesn't make sense.