Some of my unpublished projects have disappeared

Hi, today I saw that a few of my unpublished projects have disappeared. When I try to access one, it says "this project does not exist." Can these projects be retrieved? Or are they gone forever?

Ill go the mods for you:) @bh @jens

In the open menu, click on them and then "recover"

the thing is, i cant even find them in my projects. i just so happen to have their links, & when i open the link i get this very pleasant message:
Screenshot 2021-04-20 6.05.26 PM

find them in the snap editor, file > open

I haven't encountered that problem, and I left a project unshared for a week and I still saw the project. Weird.

we are talking about "publishing" not "sharing" do you understand?

They came here from scratch and on scratch, share = publish

i try to click "open" and "recover" but to no avail :cry:
its like they got deleted, but i wasnt the one who deleted them

I also meant to put publishing in there.

I already know that read the reply’s for once

now that i think of it, im pretty sure someone in my family deleted them when i forgot to log out of my acc