Some more custom category functionality

just blocks for now. eventually ill write a script that when run will add these as options to the project menu but until then this is probably the most straightforward way to see what im working on, and besides, i have a good time working with blocks. anyways:

untitled script pic (20)

lets you edit pre-existing categories (change name, color) without creating a whole new category and changing each individual blocks category over to the new one

i had a working reorder categories block that looked like this

untitled script pic (21)

until my browser crashed and i lost my progress, which of course i havent saved since before i started working on it. i will re-do it and add it to the project before long but yeah, so be it

for now, heres a link

custom category blocks

When I use the rename category block, it gives me this error

And yes, the category I was trying to rename did exist, so that's not the problem.

Same here

@cymplecy @ego-lay_atman-bay

ok edit the block, and on the third line, change the !cat.has(newcat) to !ctg.has(newcat). i will fix it in the project when i get home from work tn.

alright fixed.

The link doesn't seem to work anymore

Would it be possible to republish your project?

Does this still exist?