Solved by lego dude lol.

what part of google docs?

Were you write on a document. And do the writing/typing.

oh, ok, so you want to create a text editor. Well, you can use the write block to display the text, and have a variable that contains all the text the user has typed.

But it is hard for the write block to not start writing in the wrong area and wouldn't I have to use the ask for that?

no, you can just test for what key the user is pressing and then add that to the text variable, then clear, and then use the write block to display the text.

Can you help me with the writing I do not want it to be in the wrong area and also make it so it can not go off the page.

to make it not get off the page, you'd need to create a custom block that when writing, it will go to the next line when it gets to the edge of the screen.

as for helping you with the writing, I'll create an example project to show how to allow the user to type in stuff without using the ask block I will leave out rendering the text on screen (so you can make that). Since this is your project that you're making, I want you to make most of it.

I might create google on Snap! Now that I think of it.

well, I've finished an example project. I have not included a text renderer. All it is, is just a text editor. You can see the text in the text variable, and the caret position in the caret position variable.

edit: woops, forgot the link

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