[Solved] - How do i load blocks in snap offline startup

Im making a mod of snap,
And im trying to make how to load blocks in startup of snap.html, it doesnt work.
How do i do that?

you could try looking through the snap source code to find the function that handles file loading.

which function it is?
its gonna take like maybe hours to find it

I don't know. I haven't looked through the source code.

btw, you can just look for keywords using the browser's built in find on page function (ctrl + f)

Oh, i really wanna make a snap mod.

There are some blocks for loading blocks somewhere in this forum, that were created by @dardoro AFAIK.

hmm, i wonder where it is

I found it, but I couldn't get it to work from the console.

btw, it's here Snap! 6.7.4 Build Your Own Blocks

Oh, but how do i make it load blocks when snap offline is started?

you run the js function when snap loads...

it doesnt have blocks inside of the custom block
when you load the blocks

yes it does. I tried it with

<blocks app="Snap! 6, https://snap.berkeley.edu" version="1"><block-definition s="block" type="command" category="other"><header></header><code></code><translations></translations><inputs></inputs><script><block s="doSayFor"><l>Hello!</l><l>2</l></block></script></block-definition></blocks>

oh, What im trying to do is this,
Which loads this blocks in the startup of the offline snap.

thats what i want it to be, load file in startup
Sorry if my english is bad,i just live in another countryok

I see what you're doing. You're running the xml file as a script, not importing it into snap.

but how do i import it (xml file) to snap offline startup?

You can run the code inside the JSFunction block.

how? im not that good at javascript

im waiting

they're probably just not on at the moment. and you don't need to be so aggressive.

maybe its possible by an javascript function
something like
But i dont know which one it is :thinking:
maybe snap developers know it ..