SnipOS6 FLP Shell Replacement (UI Replacement)

I'm not a fan of the SnipOS UI. Sure, I like the OS, but the Design is too big.

So, Me, and me only, have modded the desktop to make it bit more professional.

It's not done yet. Updates to HypoMaps will be coming soon.

OHHHH YEAAAAA!!! i love this ui. Ill call it "ProUI 1'

unless you have a different name for it already

I thought of the name 'Snipro', Since it's SnipOS modded and it's meant to be more for 'Business' (professional) use. Though I think it's not that great.

Yeah! I've also made a "pro UI" for OS7 called "ProUI"


The more simple one is called "FutureUI"