Snapsite - Auto Profile

Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks Automatically makes it match your user, your profile links, and PFP! More coming soon! To save it just save as www.{user}/profile.snapsite then change were it says {settings:user} to your username.

Suggested by @joecooldoo

In contrast to scratch, downloading e.g. user picture is very easy.

It is super blurred though. Also everyone who is wondering I am working on a new and better version.

Well, i meant something like html. But I LOVE the concept.

Use this for the image instead:

I am making a wayyy better version.

Thanks, I needed that for the new profile.

Thats an old version.

I thought I fixed it, try again? On the new one*

Hm, on the newer or older version?

Hm, it’s working for others though. Browser issue?

Oh yeah, that why then.

it uses your snap username, and uses it to get your forum pfp.