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To add a package reply to this topic in this format:

name: <name of your package, can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes>
description: <package description> 
author: <package author>
url: <link to project>

These packages are already available:
random-decisions-library by HighFlyer222
script-builder-library by @pumpkinhead
snapv by @danielthebanana4

name: snap-dialogs
description: Popup dialog boxes in the style of Snap! easily. Allows for read-only information, yes/no input, and keyboard prompts.
The project is shared and has the same name as the package name

Have you published it? I can't find it on your profile page...

Shared, not published.
Shift-click the cloud menu and you should see an option like this
I didn't want to post a link or publish it because that would defeat the whole purpose, but I guess thats out the window because anyone could go to the topic and follow the instructions
So I will be unsharing in 1 min
(Keep in mind it is case-sensitive)

Added. (why do you want to keep it private?)

(of the package program)

Anyways, if you don't want to use the blocks you can download the libraries directly with:

wget -O <package name>.xml<package name>

Could you export the blocks again? Lol
Ill share it for another min

Should be fixed now

The only left is to integrate this with @18001767679's module system.

So you want a module system like pypi or pip?
You can add the run/call block by spec blocks but not the others because you are dealing with block modules not whole projects!