Snapp is now completely broken :(

it literally does not even work anymore since 7 dropped
i worked 3 whole hours trying to figure out the bug where the download window doesn't appear and then waited half an hour for a program that refuses to load
i'm not angry, trust me, i'm too worn out and tired to be angry right now, it's like 3 am and i have school today but please, whoever runs snapp, update it so we have a choice for when we want to show off to our pals or make our own practical application in an easy way or something.

it gives me an error saying that it uses a newer version of the serializer and loads NOTHING besides the default grey turtle

idk i just
dspdiehi sound effect

Yes, this was an expectable result of the change in the format of saved projects in v7.

Please understand that it isn't anyone's job to maintain Snapp!. We were delighted when it appeared as a gift out of the blue. We'll be delighted if it gets updated. But there's really nothing we can do to speed that work.