Snapp! does not create a new file

I am not 100% sure this issue fits to this area , if not, I apologise.
When dropping a snap! file into snapp! to create an exe file it does not create a zip file any longer

I don't know if it ever supported dropping but the choose file option still works for me (win10/chrome)

Wait...theres a different Snap! that's called Snapp! that I didn't know about?

It converts Snap! projects to executable run files for Windows or Macs - it isn't useful for chromebook users like yourself

It's not a different Snap!; it's a utility to make a "standalone" app out of a Snap! project. "Standalone" in quotation marks because it includes a copy of Snap! itself as part of the application.

you and @cymplecy, thanks for telling me, didn't know what it was at first

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