Don't ask me why I chose this name.
AI coming soon!

Snaperdoodle is Google inside of Snap!.
How it works:

  1. User types in a search query and presses the search button.
  2. If the engine can't find enough results in memory, it will search Google for the results.
  3. (Comming soon) AI will figure out the most relevant results.
  4. The engine displays the results.

You should stop the user being able ot scroll up past the start of the results. Very good project though.



i searched up "k" and got some, ...things

Google what the heck is wrong with you


Lots of accounts I use are in the search

um i cant see the image rn im using a jail break to unblock some things but that blocks a bunch of unblocked images soo

oh, wow, cool, or should i say joecool

lol ok

Fixed a few bugs, including getting the wrong descriptions of a google search

It doesn't seem like it can do spaces, you have to manually add the spaces like:


instead of typing:

snap forums

Oh nvm, it seems to have been fixed since the last time I was on it.

Did find something else though:

& is the tag for space

Yes, I know.



The & symbol is called ampersand. & is the tag for a & symbol.


& looks really strange on these forums, wobbly looking