Snap website security error

Trying to access gives this error:

I got triggered by this issue as well. Fix it!

I am also seeing cert errors such that ffox/chromium on ubuntu 20.04 are not allowing me to go to Snap.

I would love for this to get fixed soon! Fortunately my students won't be working on a Snap! assignment for a few days, I'm sure the right people are on the job and will take care of it soon.

It happens because the current certificate has been expired today

Yeah we're on it. Sorry! Stay tuned.

PS Emergencies should be reported by email to
(The email works even if the web site doesn't; they're different servers.)

Site is up again

Yay! Thanks, @cycomachead!

I did get an error, but it just said my computer time was wrong (which it was, and it did have a button to change my computer time, so I finally got my time correct, yay!)

Yes, looks fixed, thanks!