Snap! shows 2 variables even though there is only one?

Haha lol I found a glitch where 2 variables show at once.
This project was converted by Snapinator so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise.

So basically, there are 2 variables showing. I couldn't hide the variables at the time of taking this screenshot. A lot of things are happening which shouldn't.

EDIT: Okay, this bug is slowly turning into confusion. Like what is even happening?

If you can't see it, basically I hid the "VersionID" variable but one of them hides and one of them shows. This is getting more confusing

P.S: I am hiring people to work on this game. So if anyone wants to help, well, I'll link a forum post once I actually make one. HELP WANTED for Orthographic

Huh, interesting.

Also, I thought the file menu tab was a image that was blocked, i didnt know it was actually real.

You're paying people??

OH MY GOSH by hiring I mean "getting people for help".

So #people-who-take-things-too-serious


Technically I'm not the one misusing words.

Google says that hiring means employ (someone). Also when people are doing game jams, they say "hire" but don't talk of money. They don't even pay anyone. But it's fair.

It is real.

And he though it was the "failed to load image" icon.

I'm kinda afraid of pinging the mods. I think I'll have to do that if I don't get a straight answer in a long time.

for wages.

I don't need wages, do I?

it means that you're giving wages to the person you're employing.

You think I can pay people? The Snap! Forum rules (And Snap! rules in general) say that I can't share any private or personal information, going as far as email addresses.

So if anything, I can't pay people.

yes, but you still misused the word "hire" since you're not paying people.

Okay then. I'll still keep it though because, well, some people use the word hire when asking for help on team game jams. They don't get money, unless there is prize cash that every member can split upon each other.


Bruh yeah go ahead and flag me for telling him to leave slate alone

ok jeez


you want a snicker's or something?

I dont like snickers but yeah i guess

Bump because I don't think I will get a straight answer soon.

It was probably just snainator adding an extra var watcher in the xml.