Snap! not working on iPhone 10

Hello Snap!

There are 5 fellow coders in the room who are trying to open a project on iPhone 10 phones. The project is not opening. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi! Welcome to the forum. Sorry I slept through today, so this reply is probably too late to help. But here goes anyway...

Can you run Snap! on your phones at all? If not, there's no quick solution; it probably means Apple introduced some browser "feature" that breaks us. This happens sometimes, not just with Apple, and we try to catch up asap.

Otherwise, did you share your project (make it Public)? If not, that's a simple fix.

Otherwise, did you get an error message? If so, what was the message?

If not -- if it just sits there -- try letting it run for an hour or so, and tell us whether it eventually does load. (Not that you should have to wait an hour, but trying it once will help us understand the nature of the problem you're having.)

Also, see if you can load other projects, e.g., one of our Examples, in the Open dialog. If so, the problem is specific to your project, and you should post a link here.