Snap! gets confused

I have NO idea how to recreate this but I was playing with the call & JSfunction blocks, and untitled script pic(2) happened. how you recreate this:

also, if you put any block in that varadic input so it is an input list, untitled script pic(3) happens. The "with inputs" varadic input goes away.

Umm, we are unlikely to fix this if we can't reproduce it...

Also, and this isn't just you doing it, could people please try to make more descriptive titles for bug reports? Instead of "Snap! gets confused" a better title for this one would be "Input slot disappears in block display" or something like that.

P.S. You say you were playing with JSFunction; were you playing with the JS code for displaying scripts in the scripting area?

I reproduced it. Put JSf in call ring, then click the undo button.
After doing that, the undo button stops working.

Thanks. On experimentation, it's not specifically JSF; it's putting any reporter in, unringifying it, then clicking undrop.

I just found out that putting a reporter in the ring, clicking undo, then clicking redo puts the reporter in the input list instead of back in the ring.

you got this? untitled script pic
if so, add an input (click the arrow), then click on the delete input (left arrow) button.