Snap! Game Center Software Requests

Comment a link and I will add it here!!%20Game%20Center
EDIT: Don't use this! It could get you banned!

Excuse me?
The project don't works. :man_facepalming:t2:

I clicked the link, but the project don't works because this block says:

i deleted my post

Ahhh... Ok. :pensive:

Exactly, I have to use this pencil to edit my posts. :neutral_face:

Delete it please, also same thing is happening for me, it will not work:/ @joecooldoo

Thanks for reply me. :yawning_face:

Its working fine for me, i dont know whats happening.

It is happening to all of us:/ also what was the point of making a project that just redirects you to another?

That's the loader. Teleporting to a different project is for the software.

Hm, can you just send me individual links since it’s not working?

Here, now try. i think fixed the problem.

Works, pretty nice, also can Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks be added? Even though it’s another OS it has lots of games in it/coming.

Layout gltich:

i dont see anything wrong.

Oop nvm, can you add Snapsoft?

As long as you figure out how not to make a snap program load in a different page, then yeah.

You created the load xml think idk how to use it, teach me🤔

I was thinking you could use the type of loading Wit uses.