Snap!Con 2022 project submission issue

Cinnapoca's Dad here... she had so much fun presenting her Mungeons game at the last conference, we're trying to register her for Snap!Con 2022 to present her new morse code game. The site says you can submit proposals until 11:59 pm AOE tonight (which is at least 3 hours in the future)... but it is saying the submission period is closed. Is the site down, or did the period just close early... or am I having some other technical challenge here with her account? If anyone can point us in the right direction, it would be awesome! Thanks!


Well now theres something I did not know! Welp I guess I gotta wait until next year

The deadline has been extended to May 15. The deadline is mentioned in several places on the web site and I guess we didn't catch all of them. I'll see about fixing it.


Is there a specific topic? Or can we just submit any project?

Read the conference site!

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