Snap! Competitions (Part 1)

yep. but I missed closing it on the marker so now I changed it.

holy crow! you are a master at your games @slate_technologies

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Snap! Competitions has officially ended. What will the results be though?

I'll tally them up @slate_technologies

The competition is done! Check your results on the main post!

Final Winners


@sirhopsalot Can I host the second Snap! Competitions?

@joecooldoo why aren't I in the final list?

YOu received those punishment points

What punishment points? You mean bits?

If you do mean bits, as you should know, me and @sirhopsalot are done with that argument we had a few weeks ago. Now @sirhopsalot has deleted the bits section.

YOu still received bits

I'm telling you, we have gone past that argument and swept it under the imaginary carpet.

You still argued, so you aren't in the list. Final decision. Short argument over.

You still won an event:

Me and @sirhopsalot tied

there is tts in :snap: its in a lib

$$12^2$$ seconds. Interesting number.

or 12x12 same thing

Well it's pretty obviously the same thing because that's the definition of squaring a number.

hey can i add this game