Snap! Champions- (preparation)


no, don't do

ok thanks.

no problem. We're near to start Champions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

cool but im the only one on team 2.

I'll be on team 2.

Do you think this idea has a good chance of winning?

no ask me

go for it. but just remember


ur welcome

to the topic so no one knows what we are talking about.

when does it start?

when will be 4 teams

I wish we could but

we are starting when both teams have 3 members right @nieznajomyh?
(cuz there is not a lot of people).

Are we allowed to make the project on NetsBlox?

yes, if you can

but I can't use netsblox so I can't vote on it!

that impossible to do we can't even get 2!

why can't you use netsblox

my family is very strict