Snap! Champions- (preparation)

Could I join your team?

interesting idea, but need is more participants.

Sure. What should we make. Also are we Team 1? If so I’ll make a Team 1 topic.

Oh we will wait until more people join. Teams of 2 since so little people.

ill join team 1

3 teams of three?


I think and if more join 4 teams of 3. Or 5 of 3 and so on.


yes, 3 teams of three. 4 teams should enough.

I sorry for inactive. With earthrulerr idea, will be teams of three. To start Snap! Chamopions need is 4 teams.

Did you see this?

yes, you can help with vote

What about @sirhopsalot? And the sign-up sheet?

@sirhopsalot also can. Sign-up sheet probably won't be need.

when does the champion ship start?

thank you for answering

@nieznajomyh can voters work in the teams cuz there is not a lot of people.

yes, but voter cannot vote own work