Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Hello! I've been having a weird issue and was looking to get some help. For some reason, the numbers in my list aren't working. If you click my code with the numbers instead of "index of angles/sides" you will see what I want to happen. Now above it is my code using the list, you can look at my lists and see that from index 12-14, the numbers are the same as in my nonlist one!!!! But when I click my listed one it makes a completely different shape. What is going on???!?!?

The link you posted doesn't seem to exist. Could you try again? Thanks.

it says the project does not exist, maybe try sharing it?

just telling you, when I clicked on the topic, I was expecting to read some stuff about snap, not this. Please make a constructive title that tells us what the topic is about, other than Snap! Build Your Own Blocks.

please don't hijack the topic (if I don't say something, it'll get off-topic pretty quickly)

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