Snap! 7 removing spaces on either ends of strings in my project

untitled script pic (1)
Becomes this:
untitled script pic (2)
on a save and reload.
Also, as a two-for-one report, all my custom block inputs show this:
untitled script pic (3)
Both of these things only happened to scripts/blocks I haven't touched in a long time. The latter has been an issue for a while, I think.
I don't really know how to reproduce it though.

I am unable to reproduce either of these problems.

I have encountered the second problem. I, however, have not encountered the first problem.

I've occaionally seen stuff like the 2nd one (usually when working on very large projects)

Not seen it recently however (Still using 6.9.x for my projects)

Save/reload Snap!/reload project always sorts it out

What are the conditions? Always a read-only pulldown?