Snap! 7 is now out!

If you click run snap you will now be taken to Snap! 7 - dev - Build Your Own Blocks aka Snap! 7, notice the single palette, scenes, changes to library, and more! Woo

(@bh is this a bug like last time or…:partying_face:)

Pretty sure it's a bug; there's a lot of development still happening.

So it’s not out? But it’s also on the Home Page.

Should be fixed now. Shift-click refresh.

not fixed.

Still works, maybe it’s out. Also some of my projects have now been made on 7.

Its gone back to 6.9.0 for me

JFI The about box says 6.9.0 - so it is 6.9.0 :slight_smile: but my browser tab says Snap! 7 -dev

It shows to me that it is 6.9.0

Shift-click refresh, or clear your browser cache.

I don't know if this is related, but I just made a project on SNAP and it says "Load failed: Module uses newer version of Serializer." I don't know what I should be doing to make it work.

Don't ask the same question twice. :~) I just answered it in your other topic.

I can't seem to find the single palette option now. Sus. :confused:

I'm still waiting for the among us memes.
Besides, the single palette option is only in Snap! 7.0.

snap! 7 link from bh Redirecting to Snap!

We are working on a short-term kludge to redirect from Snap! 6.9 to Snap! dev-7.0 when the former detects a project it doesn't know how to open. Sorry for all this hassle. It's our fault for (twice!) letting the dev version leak out into the production version's URL.

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