Slugish 3d engine

(Snap! Build Your Own Blocks)

very laggy and not 3d

it is 3d, you can rotate it with the mouse and move around it

oh, ok

I really hope that the engine gets improved...

it's slow because you're drawing way too many points, you should find the fastest way to get rid of many points that aren't on the screen

Professional 3d engines get laggy after billions of points

but this only 1000

that's because most 3d programs use the gpu which can just calculate 1000 points at the same time on different physical bits of hardware and output to the screen directly

snap is doing each point on the cpu one after another in interpreted blocks in interpreted javascript in a complex web browser and then drawing each point one after another onto a 2d canvas

also any professional tool doesn't draw what's offscreen like i said

maybe try to reduce the amount of math done each time the loop runs? or see if using clones for the points is faster than the pen? or stamping? but the best thing you can do for performance is almost definitely just drawing less points

is there even a visible difference between 1000 and 500 with this shape?

uh idk how

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