Sladescar you're a musical artist?

I know this is totally not the place to put this, but when I was doing keywords as a test for the new Hyposyn Website for the meta tags, I found this

Your music is really good in my opinion, and if you didn't want us to know I can take this down.

Now im curious what stuff would popup if I put some meta tags in my website and searched up the keywords

edit: i absolutely hate goguardian

edit 2: dang, only the usual things popup when searching Mr. Owlsss, and quite literally nothing related to me pops up when I search Owlsss Website D:

Yeah i am! Sorry i didn't see this. But yeah, and thank you!

It’s on his website, he also has a Spotify (Here - also follow him!!) also if no Spotify he has Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, iHeart

@sladescar Ghost has vocals, nice.



i cant :(

do you have any other device?

I like your music, great voice in the ghost song!

Is it you @sladescar ?

nope sorry

No, its someone else.