Sladescar can you make a simple light-weight os with NO scenes for a demo?

title is almost all

i say sladescar because ik hes into that stuff

i need 1 app (calculator) and no scenes

does it actually have to be sladescar or do you just think only theyd do it

i've already done this a long time ago, i don't think anyone saw it when i posted it
no calculator though

every program is a sprite and multiple can run at the same time, although the performance probably sucks because of all the stamping
i think ill benchmark it with browser devtools and see what blocks take the longest to be sure though

I also made a Window Management System that might be useful @mr_owlssssnap2

this is perfect thanks

i just said sladescar because hes really into making web oses and i was in a rush and his name was the first to come to mind

out of curiosity what are you planning to do?
id like more programs for spritz but i assumed nobody was interested so i didn't bother making anything for it

yeah sure.

i wanna keep it a secret for now, i just needed a pre-made os for testing

ok, using multiple os's will be good for testing the thing im making