Simple moving game with MQTT
Will go into totm
Press j to jumpstart the engine if you waited for 4 secs after pressing green flag and game did not start(if you jumpstart it when it is not jammed the engine will question you about safely handling jumper cables and to turn off power sources before wire messing silently)
Press g for atleast 0.4 secs to starve the time worms to death(they will force the local space around you into a time loop and you will be forced to go in a glitchy pattern)(you cannot move while starving time worms)(because time worms feed on time,you can also starve them by pausing the script or switching tabs)
wasd to move

tech details

the need of jump starting is because you can only join in a game,but there would not be any if no one starts,but they need a game to enter to start a game,so without the jump start you cannot play the game
time worms work by feeding on the slight 700/3 ms delay


Not sure what I'm supposed to be doing :slight_smile:

Would be nice if turtles were coloured to indicate who is who

I saw one guy and I chased him :slight_smile:

Will add them,plus heartbeat(make sure there are no dead users floating around after they leave the game) and chatting

#Tip - Once I've published a project (say projectName) and shared it - I then resave it and develop it as projectName_dev

And then when I think new dev version is workable - I resave it as projectName

This saves people reporting bugs / glitches while developing new version :slight_smile:

Ok.(can someone stop the program now?can't clear the data variable and stuff get stuck in old protocol and break stuff)

Oh.That someone is me.

Another advantage of working on a dev version and not the public one :slight_smile:

yeah :man_facepalming:

Pull request done!
Everyone can rejoin the party.You will have to enter your username first.T for chatting.

(yeah 18001767679 got involved in testing)

Idk why you can't ask nothing

wait a min...
I am still debugging

@cymplecy fixed i think


FYI I won't chat in the game as it could be against TOS of this forum - all my chat will be here :slight_smile:

Oh oops
would remove it