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Scratch has the username block. However, snap doesn't (without eisenbergification and JSF) have anything. Additionally scratch username can't be used for cloud, at least not securely. However, RSA and AES (both native to JS) can be used. With a few blocks, a strictly better system can be used. The public key can also be used to identify the user, but since User ID was considered fine, this should be too.
The key cannot be based on the password. It must be stored on the server (and can optionally be encrypted, but I don't see the point)
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All these blocks return strings, except verify. You could also combine extract and verify, to force verify.

Actually there is the Getters and Setters library (That of which jens hates) and also jens threatened to ban people who used js to get info from the Snap! Cloud.

While this may NOT seem like hacking or getting info (at the very least) from the Snap! Cloud, it still will be a recreation of the Getters and Setters library, that of which, again, jens hates.

No, it's not even close to the getters and setters library. The getters and setters library allows you to programmatically do things that you can do in the ui, whereas, this suggestion is suggesting a way to make cloud variables (I think)

I- what? I have a few thoughts (edit: some of which @ego-lay_atman-bay mentioned)...

  1. "there is the Getters and Setters library" How is the Getters & Setters library related to this? You can't use it instead of these blocks... their purposes are entirely different.
  2. "[this] will be.... the Getters and Setters library" This isn't at all the Getters & Setters library. Did you see the blocks? The Getters & Setters library has nothing like this. And the reason Jens doesn't like it is because of the possibly malicious uses for the library and some of its outdated options.
  3. It's a feature request, meaning it probably hasn't been made already- even using JS. I don't understand how you would make it with JS, even (especially?) in Snap!, least of all without an outside API.
  4. "jens threatened to ban people who... [attempted to] get info from Snap! Cloud" How is this related? Why would this be accessing the Snap! cloud?? It's not implemented yet...

Just like... I don't understand?? At all??

It has not been made yet, and requires server side code. It would fix the problems with username from getters and setters, while also helping when using existing cloud variables. It doesn't create cloud variables, but does make server ones more secure.

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