Should I continue my Minecraft Clone Project?

It's a pretty old project of mine. I really want to continue making additions to this test prototype. Also, I might make a website(?) for like commenting stuff (ik php so im good).

Also, suggest some names for it.

you your back wsp

yessir, now tell me if i should continue this (also a new minor update of hypomaps is out)

if you want too

I'll consider that as a yes.

You definitely should! Making a game like that will allow you to grow as a coder. You could help others develop as coders to by teaching them what you learned through making the game.

Thanks for the reply! I have little experience with Snap, this WOULD help me improve.

Also, do you have any ideas for names? I don't like being called "Stdaph's Minecraft Clone" anymore.


Stdaph-Craft. Snap!-Craft. Explore & Create Simulator. Sorry, I’m not good with names.

It's fine, thanks for the suggestions tho!