Sharing Variable Between Scenes?

I would like to share variables between scenes, but I don't think its possible. I have tried cloud variables with the same cloud-id, but that did nothing. Is there anything I can do for this? If not, can the devs make it a thing?

Its been asked when V7 came out and the answer was no :frowning:

I've just thought - it should be possible to use the browser storage facilities to do this


Well, I asked for custom blocks to be shared.

So you did - my bad memory :slight_smile:

Export blocks feature

How do you get this?

They wanted to share their blocks directly between scenes to avoid having to export and re-import them


Yeah, it sucks. But at least it's possible.

Oh, thanks!

I know, right? I tried suggesting shared custom blocks for that reason, but jens said no.

Can you give a quick summary on how to use them?

Oof, sorry.

Is that question for me?

Yes, but I might be able to figure them out myself.


The key name doesn't have to be the same as the variable but it makes things easy to follow

Oh, that makes sense, thanks!

Can we also do it with lists?

The values in the browser database need to be text strings

So, the way to store a list is to convert it to a JSON string and store that representation of your list


Note JSON of block is one of the options of the length block