Share feature

It would be good if there was something like scratch for snap where you can share your scratch projects.

We're actively working on this as we speak. Here's a sneak peak:

Wow! That's so good!

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Also, how do i share projects i saw other forum users do it

As Brian told you (in the other thread), you can share (and also unshare) projects from the "Open and Save" dialogs in Snap! editor.

And from the new social web (Bernat has showed you this)... when you are logged, your projects show you these "share/unshare/publish" options.


i dont see my projects and i saved them to the browser

You can visit all all of your online projects from this website. Meaning, you have to save these projects to the cloud, not your browser.
From there on, you can share the project, or make its link available, but it won't show up on the Snap! site (meaning, you need the creator to give you the link to access the project). After that, you can publish the project, and it will show up on the site.

I did save them to the cloud but they are not appearing on that link

Nevermind I did it...