Setting fair hue is slow at higher numbers

I'm using a screenshot because the script pic does not work correctly

If you do this:

It is very fast.

But if you do this:

It takes a second or so, unless turbo mode is on.

This only happens with fair hue, it does not happen with color number or crayon.
The block is slow if you try to set fair hues like 50, 99, 199, 299.
Though it's fast if you try to set fair hues like 10, 0, 100, 200.

Can you fix this?

I imagine the block is doing a lookup in a list so increasing values take longer to find.

0,10 are fast because low values
100,200 are fast because they effectively are the same as 0

There's a table of fair hues of spectral colors, but for other colors it has to interpolate and sometimes that's tricky.

The range is [0, 100], so if you ask for 200 or 299 it just gives you 100 or 99.

Gory details on page 146 of the manual.