Serverside Snap! (WIP)

Serverside Snap! is a Snap! extension that allows you to execute serverside code from Snap!


git clone
cd snap-server
npm install
npm start

Sounds interesting

What does it do above and beyond normal Snap!

Can you give an example?

npm install Electron

I'm working on adding more blocks than just JSFunction.

Only one comment (in case anyone is interested)...

Snap4Arduino (desktop version) is just a Snap! desktop version built on node.js (with some add-ons)
Then, running Snap4Arduino (yes not online versions) you have already this feature and, using JS blocks, you can play with "server" javascript features.

Then, just...


That's all!

Oh, by the title I thought that you made Snap! code (the blocks) run in the server, not running node.js code in Snap! This is nice, but the former would be cooler.

Hi @pumpkinhead,

Those ideas are "run your code in your computer, as a server (in the "javascript" meaning... that is wit full access to your computer OS)

Then, your computer is "the server". Yes it is. Another thing is where (and how) you have this server connected.
So, in the example code (making a web server):

  • if you are no connecting anywhere... only your browsers (all your web browsers) will see that page.
  • if you are in a local network... All your network computer will see that page (calling your IP, or by name if you have local DNS nameservices)
  • and if you are connected to a router and your ports are opened, you can get your page from all over Internet.

So, yes. It is a sever!


Node.js can be hosted on remote server glitch or or any cloud provider. This way Snap! project can be used to handle https request and build HTML Web application. With remote canvas emulation projects can even have graphical UI (e.g Leaflet.js alike) and server side processing in one package.


Try Serverside Snap! online!

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