sense taps?

I noticed that in scratch, if you tap on a number input, even with a touch screen computer, a num pad pops up so you can enter in a number, but if you click on it, even if you have a mouse connected to a mobile device, the num pad doesn't show up, so there must be a way to sense whether the user clicks on something or taps on something. I want to be able to use that in a project, and if it's possible, display the touch coordinates and sense multiple fingers. If it's possible, can someone tell me how to do it?

If I am understanding your question correctly then you can use the "When I am clicked" block.

no, I want it to sense multiple fingers, like a 2 finger tap

I will need to look into the blocks. :thinking:

I haven't made any yet

I wonder where my other post went.

I think I found it:

Thank you!

Javascript does distinguish screen touch events from mouse click events, including multi-finger touches and drags. Morphic (the UI manager in Snap!) uses these events to simulate mouse clicks, so there is no easy way to get what you want. You'd have to use JS Function to change the way Morphic handles events, which is, umm, likely to fail and likely to upset Jens (although it won't hurt anyone except you, if you don't publish broken projects). If you want the gory details, grep for "touchstart" in morphic.js.