Sending broadcasts in between projects or something similar?

I was going to make a game with music, when the media limit decided to harass me.
So I thought of the solution of using the database library to make the project cause another project in another tab to play music at a specific time.
This partially worked, except for the fact that the music didn't change unless you went to the tab with the project that plays the music.
So, my question is: is it possible to send broadcasts in between projects, or something similar to that, without having to go to the other tab?

Drag the tab into a new window

well, idk abt that, but if you want to decrease a size of a sound file, use this site:

or, if you have the link of the yt vid of the sound, you can download it in smaller options using


It doesnt do anything unless u are in the tab. It falls asleep when u are in another tab. It wakes up when u poke it.

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