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Can you add this to the message block where you can "search" for messages you made?

Seems interesting. I like the idea.

It would be good for programs with a lot of messages. @tantrum

You can create a custom message block that appends messages to a list.

uh how does that help?

He is trying to say come up with a custom message block, that is what i'm getting at least. I know, not related to help, but just a quick definition.

ah thanks... but could @bh add the original suggestion?

What message block?

all message blocks

What is a "message block"?

I'm pretty sure he means these
untitled script pic

I think they mean have a search bar in the dropdown menu for the broadcast-esque blocks. And honestly it would probably be best an easiest if this was added to all dropdown menus too.

Oh jeez. Do you guys really use so many broadcast messages that they don't all fit in your field of vision at once?

Well, say you're making a command-prompt-like project and are using messages as the command names (which is what I usually do). There are probably going to be a lot. (Though never so much it doesn't fit in my field of vision.)

Well, I do think it'd be a good idea in the keyboard editor to be able to choose an option by typing (a leading substring of) its name. I bet Jens will think so too, so I can probably promise we'll do it eventually.

But specifically about BROADCAST, probably at the top of the list would be to turn the MESSAGE reporter into an upvar of the hat block.

Although now that we can TELL sprites to do things, I really never use BROADCAST in my own projects.

what will that do?

No, but for scratch games, it's a whole lotta work to choose messages to send... that's why turbo warp... a modded version of scratch has it. It might work for snap, but that's really just the point of this.

Oh, imagine that two different messages show up in quick succession. With one global MESSAGE, one of the messages will be lost. Worse, if an Any Message script refers to MESSAGE more than once, it might get different answers and be really confused about what it's doing. Whereas if we make MESSAGE an upvar in the script's hat block, then that particular MESSAGE will always give a consistent answer. When two messages come in quick succession, we can even start two thread from that script, each with its own MESSAGE variable.

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