Scripts are moving around

The glitched sprites.

Yeah, I wasn’t using them anyway, but the annoying thing is
That they sometimes steal the files sprite’s scripts

Why not over every script in that sprite, check the sprites name and see if its in the right sprite? And if so, then run it.

Um, sorry I didn’t understand what you were saying

untitled script pic (1)

Ok, but when they steal the scripts they are
Removed from the files sprite

Oh, thought they got copied. Try storind the scripts in a variable. Or just rebuild the whole project.

That would maybe work. Really annoying though
Also I think you ment “storing”

I really don’t want to do that though

Try renaming the sprite.

I guess I could try that. I think it will still duplicate though
(I can’t try it right now because I’m on my phone)

You know, after examining this project, I see a lot of code from my previous projects.

Yeah, I was heavily inspired by your Steath OS

What inspired you?

I think I credited it all though.
Is there anything I didn’t?

I'm still looking through it, I did find a problem that I cant boot up

I really like how it injects the x button into the software
So you can easily return

What do you mean?

Nevermind, my data for it was corrupted.

Just letting you know now that if you try to tamper with the API you get banned. I left a note on that topic as well. And if you want you can use my windowing system. You don't have to give credit if you don't want to.

Ok I don’t know what API you mean, but I wasn’t
Messing with it. I made my own windowing system already