Script runs differently with stepping enabled

If you open my project here, and run the script without turning on stepping, the clones say 2,3,3, which is not what should happen. But if you run the script with stepping on and set to about half speed, the clones say 1,2,3, which is what they should say. Is the speed of the non-stepped version messing things up, or is it something else?

I'm a little bit confused as to what script you're referring to, as there only appears to be 2, the first of which is a custom block that has nothing to do with clones and the other is a item of list reporter.

I think that link can't be right, unless your project was damaged in saving it or something.

Oops. The project did not save, so he saw it with just the beginning, but I re-did it in a better way and it works fine now!

What's wrong with it?

I fixed the problem on my own. Thanks for asking, though.