Scratch to snap and vice versa Converter

my friend @mrfluffypenguins was asking about a snap to scratch converter,and since seems like their isn't one right now,do you think it could be added?

You can learn a lil bit more at the link

try snapinator

Because Snap! features tools that Scratch does not have, I don't think a Snap to Scratch converter would work. Besides, what the point of converting a Snap project into a Scratch one? to snap) exists, and works, (for most projects)
so why not snap to scratch?

I guess I should add this to the FAQ.

The little differences that people mostly first notice could be handled by implementing the missing blocks as a library in the target language. But the things that really make Snap! special can't be done so easily in Scratch: first class procedures, first class lists, first class sprites with inheritance. I don't think the Scratch extension mechanism is general enough to allow a Snap! extension for Scratch, but that would be the way to go if it were possible. But it would be a huge effort, at least a year of work for a Jens-level super programmer.

what's the point of converting a Scratch project into a Snap one?

Hmm, I feel like I'm just talking to myself. Scratch to Snap! is a solved problem, thanks initially to Kartik, who made the first Snapinator, and then to Dylan for rewriting and updating it.

But Snap! to Scratch is just not possible.

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