Scratch 3 block help (Part 1)

Can you please add all the scratch 3 blocks to snap? I tried my best to do 4 to 5 blocks but others are difficult for me.
It will be useful for scratch 3 users who came to snap!

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Hi @sairam,
"All Scratch3 blocks" are a diffuse concept. Snap! has also blocks that are not in Sratch3, and maybe some of them are alike. Can you tell us which blocks you miss?

This has come up before. (Maybe it was on github?) Being exactly like Scratch isn't high on our list of priorities. We think about that when nothing else is happening. Right now everyone's effort is going into the new home page. But Jens will probably get around to Scratch 3 blocks one by one as time permits.

These are the blocks I need.









Others I managed to create.

Hi @sairam,
Trying to answer your questions...

  • About "backdrops"

    • In Snap! "backdrops" are "backgrounds" and in fact, they are the costumes of the stage.
    • You have [costume number] (and then, also [backdrop number]) in our [costume #] block (looks category).
    • If you are requesting for the option [costume/backdrop name] you have also our [(costume #) of ( )] block (sensing category) where you have this and more options.
    • And if you want something about the "background" from your sprites code, you have the blocks [tell] and [call] to manage these requests.
  • About draggable mode

    • Snap!5 (very soon) has the "draggable?" option inside the [my ( )] block.
    • So, you can call this property and, also set it with
  • About "layers"

    • You know we have a [got to front] block. I guess you are requesting about the "front/back" options. This is already done on Snap!5
    • Also, we have [go back (n) layers] but we have not here the "backward/forward" options.
    • To buid this, you must call "the number of layers" and "your layer number"
    • If you need this... I share some code to do it:
      Layers_bloc Layer_bloc
  • About "pitch" effect

    • Snap!5 will show you some new features with the [microphone] block, and reporters about the sound properties (also "pitch")
    • But there are not (yet) sound effects.
    • You can test the "Audio Comp" library where you can build anything you want, working with the digital data of a sound. And then, you will also need the "Bigger data" library to build dinamic effects.
    • Of course, Snap! offers you the [JS] block to build whatever you want using JS code.

That's all,


We are very limited in sound generation because Javascript doesn't seem to support MIDI timbres. That's a more important limitation than sound effects. I think this is one of those things where we're waiting for HTML5 to catch up.

Scratch3 is HTML isn't it? Why can't you copy the relevant blocks?

Their interpreter is totally different from ours. We can get ideas by reading their code, I suppose, but we can't just copy-paste a chunk of their code into ours.

But, I say again, being exactly like Scratch is not especially a goal for us.

But you should compete with Scratch. Atleast. You should add the features that the Scratch 3 is not having. Especially background scrolling. And the blocks that the scratch 3 have. And other blocks that the users needs.

But you should compete with Scratch. Atleast.

What Scratch doesn't have:

  1. Custom reporter blocks
  2. Custom predicate blocks
  3. First class lists
  4. First class procedures
  5. n-dimensional lists (tables, 3D tables, and on...)
  6. Messaging objects (via 'tell' and 'ask)
  7. Nested sprites
  8. The 'my _____' reporter block
  9. The 'turbo mode' related blocks (test if turbo mode is on, set turbo mode on or off at anytime)
  10. Mapping functions block
  11. Splitting strings
  12. Custom libraries
  13. Pen trails as costumes
    and on and on and on...

If anything, Scratch should be competing with Snap!

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Then where is background scrolling features that the Scratch plan? That is what I need. thanks in advance.

Look, I don't want to seem unwelcoming, but if there's something in Scratch that you feel you need, and we don't have it, feel free to use Scratch!

Alternatively, learn JavaScript, find the Scratch implementation of your feature, and use a JS Function block to import it into Snap!. Several of our libraries were user-contributed.

Sorry for disturbing you,

Thanks for help. What is the changelog in snap 5

Hi @sairam,

Beyond this long discussion...

  • You are talking about " bakcground scrolling features". Do you mean "next backdrop" block? As I said, you can
    And also, you can use the [switch to costume ( )] block in the same way... and many other things.

  • The Snap!5 changelog about the features you had requested, are reported in my last mesage. Soon, the release will arrive and you could check the final changelog.


Fetching @jguille2 and @sairam

No, what he means by background scrolling is something similar to this:

A continuous scrolling method, rather than switching costumes.
People have created many tutorials on how to create scrolling backgrounds:

A series:


Whoa, not just a scrolling background, but parallax! That's cool.

And if I'm understanding correctly, that isn't what the Scratch feature does; that uses sprites, but the Scratch feature actually uses the background image.

Thanks @bloct for your report (and those interesting examples).

I uderstand these "scrolling effects", but I don't know what "new background scrolling features" are requested by @sairam . What I see is a background make with sprites, and scrolling by moving (or setting their position) with the normal moving blocks from Scratch. And these blocks have always been in Snap!

Maybe I'm losing something...


The issue is that the background scrolls forever. To do that, you need two sprites for each layer, with the same costume, leapfrogging over each other -- when the first one is entirely offscreen to the left, it pops back in at the right.

I'm not sure how Scratch plans to implement a feature to help with this, but the way to do it is what in Logo we call wrap mode: The stage is a torus, and as the sprite hits the left edge it automatically wraps around so that it starts reappearing at the right. Then you don't need two sprites; all you need is a costume whose last column of pixels looks exactly like its first one.

So, @jens, this tells me that wrap/fence/window should be per sprite.

The background doesn't scrolls forever but it scrolls for some time only see here.
The link is given below.