So here is a this project :slight_smile: - Scaner

Don't use the big screen for this project. Turn on Turbo Mode

@ _bambuzol12

I've made something like this before

Great project! I love it!

Although why is it called "Sā‚‚C1"?

Nice !

did you know ?

You can also just do

set [turbo mode v] to <āœ“ (::grey)::operators>::sensing

Instead of

set [turbo mode v] to <<true (::grey)::operators>::operators>::sensing

Thanks, I didn't know :smiley:

Nice project. I have two suggestions. One is, right-click on the DATA block in the palette and click the TRANSIENT checkbox.
Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 8.38.50 PM
This will set the variable to zero when you (or someone else) save the project, making the saved project much smaller and faster to save or load.

The other thing is, I really wanted to play with the resolution of the scan to see how much it affects the result. You used 3 pixels vertically and 4 horizontally. I'd want to play with those to see why you made that choice, for example trying 3x3 and 4x4. My guess is that either of those would improve the result by preserving the shapes of things better, but it's a pain adjusting all the 3s and 4s in the code. So I'd like those to be variables. The best thing would be to have sliders to adjust them, but even if I had to use SET XSIZE TO 3 or whatever, it'd be easier than chasing down small integers in your code.

I'm not sure if you made this to see how much you could compress the saved pixels and still have the result look okay, or whether you really need the pixels of the background for some other purpose. Just in case it's the latter, you should know that
Sā‚‚C1 script pic
in the Stage will give you a list of pixels without having to scan.

Thanks for constructive comment :slight_smile:

Instead of quoting the whole post, why not just reply?


It scans an image and then draws it (Low res)
That's amazing