Saving Projects that use clones - display erases upon save

Is there a way to save a project that uses clones to display images without erasing the display area?
When trying to share such a project, one ends up with a blank screen because the SAVE clears the display area.

Or maybe there is a way to post a display picture into the published projects area.

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tell(new clone)to(set my temporary to false)

Irrelevant ! as usual.

Mayby its really a clue to set clones as permanent to stay on stage during save?
Untitled script pic (5)
Untitled script pic (4)

Flagging this for @jens because of the red bar in the script pic.

I should think that permanent clones would be saved, @tguneysu.


@bh and @dardoro
Th eprogram generates close to 5000 clones for the Wolfram Rule30 implementation.
Running the suggested code makes that many permanent clones in the corral and the reversal of it. It takes a very long time; hence why I shied away from that originally.
Additionally, saving to the cloud with that kind of code in the program is not acceptable to me; just to get a pic of the screen.
I was specifically looking for a way to achieve the image capture and insertion into the Cloud posting. I guess the answer is no.
I have gone around the problem by capturing the screen and using it as the opening sprite picture to achieve what I needed.

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Oh, I see. You can right-click on the stage and choose the "pic..." option to save a picture of everything on the stage, sprites and pen trails included. That's something you can't do programmatically, so I should add it to the getters/setters library.


I have been missing this, too. Yay for adding it to the getters/setters library.