S!ML, Update Log (Pre 1.0)

Link: Snap! S!ML, Snap! Markup Language (berkeley.edu)

Update v0.9:

New Tag(S)
-clear- ( clears input/output/variables. Restarts editor.
Bug where variables would show after creation.
S!ML deletes created variables instead of them sticking.
Bug fix to variable tag.

Update v0.10

New Tag(s)
-lb- ( line break!
Secondary Compiler.
-lb- broke spaces, fixed spaces.
Fixed -lb- not working.

coming soon????

install-able version of S!ML to add to your projects!

possibly v1.0

subject to change

Update v0.11

Console log added.
Capitals and more symbols are now supported.
Work on portable S!ML version. No evail.

Update v0.12


Colors do not affect output/ they just add a more pleasing display.

S!ML Install-able

S!MLinst v0.3 [DEV] -not released-

S!MLinst v0.4 [DEV] -not release-
S!MLinst can now decode -p- tags.

Green and yellow in editor now happen depending on enter key or auto new line.