Rule Breaker?

I think this is against the rules.

how would it be against the rules?

They are putting video links on Snap!

oh, but it's just a rick roll, so, I don't think it's against the rules. At lease it's not forcing the user to go to the link.

Good point but still it’s kind of fishy. You shouldn’t put a link in a project like that in general there is no point.

People still Rickroll? That came before the cinnamon challenge, practically prehistoric!

Yes lol. Also please check my bug problem in Snap.

Edit: I added a rickroll in one of my GitHub files🙃

I'm sure most people will be careful especially since you're trying to get them to click on it, but who knows...

it's never gonna die

as long as the internet exists, rick rolling will exist. and if not, its many descendants will take over

True. More information

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